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Our customers said.......

Gary in Edmonton, Alberta: "It did an amazing job through the maze of hill top towns and windy narrow roads. Thanks again for the excellent service."

JG in Toronto, Ontario: "The GPS worked great. The Balkans have a very complicated road system and it saved us a ton of time as we drove through six countries. Delivery of the GPS was prompt and well in advance of our flights. I will definitely use Durham GPS again on my next road trip."

JK in Scarborough,Ontario: "The GPS came in very handy driving around Barcelona and Madrid. It was a lifesaver! Thanks for all your assistance."

Petr in Golden, BC: " Thanks a lot for that service. Travelling to Yukon is pretty easy but an orientation in towns is not easy for a stranger"

Gayle in Surrey, BC: "It was an essential part of our trip and I was very pleased to have it!  Thanks so much - I will use your services again, I am sure!"

Rob in Barrie, Ontario: "Everything worked just fine.  Thanks for your great service and I look forward to doing business with you again."

Heather in Edmonton, Alberta: "From an organizational point of view I thought everything was awesome – I really liked the case they came in and it was very handy to have the return sticker already paid for as part of the rental agreement.  The prices were reasonable and it made it possible to run our one day outdoor ed program with a bunch of people who don’t own a GPS."

G L in Ottawa, Ontario: "It was great having it, especially given the size of the lake we were on.  We felt so much more confident exploring the many good fishing spots knowing we knew how to return to base."

Erin in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia: "They all worked fine! We had an excellent time on our team building day. I would defintely use your services again. Customer service was fantastic"

JM in Ottawa, Ontario: "It was very helpful, I wouldn't have wanted to have travelled to Florida and back without it.  It was easy to follow the directions and made it easy to get back on track when I got distracted and missed one of the ramps I was supposed to take."

David in Victoria, BC: "Things worked brilliantly. They were perfect for our training session. I really appreciate the willingness to accommodate our many changes along the way.....I most certainly would recommend your service and if I ever have the need again to run a GPS training course I will be in touch."

David in Mississauga, Ontario: "The GPS worked fine , I don't know how we'd manage without such a device."

Jason in Victoria, Australia: “Thank you again for the use of the GPS. It performed very well. Only issue I had was one business had moved offices down the road in the last few months. But it performed perfectly. Thank you for helping make my trip a memorable one."

OV in Ottawa, Ontario: “Thank you for accommodating us and for being so prompt in sending them when needed….they worked very well.”

JC in Vancouver, BC: "Thanks again! We were very pleased with the units and if we ever need to rent GPS units we will definitely be contacting you again!"

Ming in Ottawa, Ontario: "It did a great job. I was scared to be lost in other city before. Now I know I can rely on them. I told all of my friends how to rent from your company. I will go more trips in the future. Thanks again."

Ellen in Toronto, Ontario: "It was definitely helpful to have it and I can't imagine driving without it. That is not to say that we didn't get lost a few times here and there but overall, we were very thankful to have one with us. Thanks again and I will certainly recommend your company to interested friends or colleagues."

Lisa in Vancouver, BC: "We really enjoyed having it and I would definitely take one on holiday again....Our British navigator voice (whom we nicknamed Nigel) was always good for a chuckle with his pronunciation of German street names....I would be happy to recommend DurhamGPS to anyone I know"

Angelique in Manotick, Ontario: "The units worked great, and were easy for me to learn as well as to teach people how to use them during the event. All of them worked perfectly and arrived at a perfect time so that I could input the coordinates for the waypoints right away to make it easier for users."

Andrea in Toronto, Ontario: "It worked like a charm with absolutely no hiccups. Thank you so much for this service.  You will definitely be hearing from me again since I rent and travel a lot."

Jay in Scarborough, Ontario: "The unit was perfect for the bike trip we took on the weekend as we were able to plan routes and find places to eat on the fly. It was so valuable that I miss having it on my bike.  The ordering and shipping process was quite easy and I would definitely do it again if necessary. Keep up the good work"

E B in Ottawa, Ontario: "The unit and the service was fantastic. I have been recommending you to everyone."

Ilona and David in Toronto, Ontario: "We want to thank you and your company. The GPS arrived when you said it would and was easy to install and operate. Having the GPS made all the difference: no missed exits, plenty of information regarding fuel, shopping, places to eat. It took us door to door without so much as a wasted minute. And it meant that whomever was driving could relax just that much more and enjoy the scenery... Navigating throughout Manhattan was a breeze. Also your mailing service made the receiving and returning of the GPS completely trouble free. Thanks again for you great service."

Marina in Thornhill, Ontario: "We found the unit worked well, was easy to use and had the maps we were looking for. We both agreed that it was a great investment for our trip and are very happy with both the unit and your service / assistance in this transaction."

Dolores in Maple, Ontario: "The unit was amazing.  It really came in handy. We will definitely use your services again on any trips that we take in the future. I will also recommend your services to anyone that asks....once again, thanks !"

Wendy in Mississauga, Ontario: "The unit performed great.  We were very happy with it and extremely glad to have it!  It was my first experience with a GPS and it was simple to use and easy to carry around with us. Thanks again for going above and beyond to get me the unit on such short notice."

R R in Toronto, Ontario: "My wife and I will certainly be wanting to use DurhamGPS in the future. Thank you for your excellent service that went above and beyond the norm."

DS in Surrey, BC: "The unit performed well.  It was very easy to use and was very helpful in the larger cities helping with which exit to use on all those roundabouts.  The only problems we encountered was with new construction.  There seems to be a lot of road building and new construction and of course the map updates probably don't get done as frequently as new roundabouts spring up.  I was very glad that we had it though.  Thanks for your help with getting it to me on time, it was a great alternative to buying one."

Ryan in Uxbridge, Ontario: "Awesome, well worth the price. And, your delivery and instructions were unsurpassed. I have already mentioned it to one of my co-workers."

Gustavo in Thornhill, Ontario: "Hi Michael ... thanks for the service. Unit performed absolutely well, despite my lack of experience with GPS, and what was better was the ease of the renting process, especially the return part of it."

LM in Newmarket, Ontario: "It performed as expected and it was a pleasure to deal with you."

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